Our current offerings:

We offer mainly in

  • 1. Industrial Automation, Mechatronics & Instrumentation.
  • 2. Diesel Generator, Engine & Vehicle Automation.
  • 3. Industrial Control Projects & Services.

  • In Brief:

  • PLC, HMI control panels & SCADA
                      Virtually for all types industrial process, Automated machinery, special purpose machines
  • AC drive (VFD) & DC Drive Panels
                      For variable speed constant torque, variable torque, high torque, electronic breaking, vibration applications etc.,
  • AC/DC Servo systems & panels
                      For speed, repetitive, timing, positioning, semi lathe, cutting, robotic applications etc.,
  • Instrumentation control Panels
                      For various process or control applications
  • Genset (Diesel Generator) Synchronization Panels
                      For Diesel saving, Power factor correction, load management applications
  • Genset (DG) Synchronization with GRID paralleling Panels
                      For soft load transfers (from single or multiple DGs to Mains or vise versa) and power management by continuous grid paralleling with DG (single or multiple DGs) applications
  • AMF (automatic mains failure) control Panels
                      For automatic change over for multiple sources applications
  • Electronic governing systems
    - To make non sync DG (mechanical governing system - Old DG) to sync compatible
  • Fire Pump control Panels
                      With NFPA 20 standards
  • Remote Pump (Motor) control panels
                      For remote monitoring, control, data logging of remote pumping applications with GPRS technology
  • Solar Pump Control Panels and systems
                      For agriculture or industrial solar pump applications
  • MCC or PCC Panels
                      For all types of industrial or Infra requirements
  • Building management systems (BMS) & Energy management systems (EMS)