Diesel Generator (Genset), Engine & Vehicle Automation Wing:

ComAp – DG Synchronization, AMF, Electric Motor, Fire Pump, Marine, Mobile Controllers For more details please visit http://www.comap.cz/

InteliGen - IG NT controllers:

General Purpose High End GenSet synchronization controller:


ANSI code Protection ANSI code Protection
59 Overvoltage 51N+64 Earth
27 Undervoltage 32R Reverse power
47 Voltage asymmetry 25 Synchronism check
81H Overfrequency 47 Phase rotation
81L Underfrequency 37 Undercurrent*
50+51 Overcurrent 55 Power factor*
46 Current unbalance 71 Gas (fuel) level
32 Overload
Features InteliGenNT
  1. Support of engines with ECU (J1939, Modbus and other proprietary interfaces); alarm codes displayed in text form
  2. AMF function
  3. Automatic synchronizing and power control (via speed governor or ECU)
  4. Baseload, Import / Export
  5. Peak shaving
  6. Voltage and PF control (AVR)
  7. Generator measurement: U, I, Hz, kW, kVAr, kVA, PF, kWh, kVAhr
  8. Mains measurement: U, I, Hz, kW, kVAr, PF
  9. Inputs and outputs configurable for various customer needs
  10. Controller redundancy
  11. RS232 / RS485 interface with Modbus support; Analog / GSM / ISDN / CDMA modem support; SMS messages; ECU Modbus interface
  12. Event-based history (up to 500 records) with customer-selectable list of stored values; RTC; statistic values
  13. Integrated PLC programmable functions
  14. Interface to remote display unit (IG-Display LT GC)
  15. Dimensions 180 × 120 mm (front panel)
  16. Sealed to IP65

We support and supply synchronization controllers and panels for below engines and etc.,

Inteli Compact IC NT:


3 phase AMF function (only SPtM model)
  • Over/Under frequency
  • Over/Under voltage
  • Vector shift
Event and performance log + RTC
  • Event based history
  • Reason, Data and Time + all important Values are stored
  • Battery backed-up RTC
  • Test Run scheduler
3 phase generator protections
  • Over/Under frequency
  • Over/Under voltage
  • Current/Voltage asymmetry
  • Overcurrent/Overload
User interface
  • Graphic 128 × 64 pixels display
  • 2 languages, user changeable from PC.
  • Default english + chinese
  • Setpoints adjustable via keyboard or PC
  • Buttons with mechanical feedback
True RMS Voltage measurement
  • 3 phase generator and mains/bus voltages
  • Voltage range 277 V p-n, 480 V p-p
  • Maximal measured voltage 300 V p-n
  • PT ratio range 0.1–500
Inputs and outputs
  • 3 resistive analog inputs
  • 9 Binary inputs
  • 8 Binary outputs
  • Output to engine speed governor
  • Magnetic pick-up input
  • D+ pre-excitation terminal
  • Optional 8 analog gauge drive outputs,
  • Compatible with VDO, Datcon gauges
True RMS current measurements
  • 3 generator phase currents
  • Current range 5 A
  • Maximal measured current 10 A
  • CT ratio range 1–5000
Power measurements
  • Act / React Power and Power Factor per phase
  • Active and reactive energy counter
Communication interfaces
  • Optional RS232 and RS485 (including
  • MODEM support) plug-in interface
  • Optional USB and ETH (Ethernet) plug-in interface
  • MODBUS RTU (requires RS485 interface)
  • Internet
Paralleling functions
  • Automatic synchronization and power control
  • Voltage and PF control (AVR)
  • Active Load Sharing
  • VAr Sharing
  • Optimizing number of running engines
EFI engine support
  • Cummins MODBUS
  • Engine specific J1939 for all major manufacturers
  • Diagnostic messages in plain text
Mechanical and operation parameters
  • Unit dimension 120 × 180 mm
  • Sealed front face rated for IP65
  • Hard plexiglass LCD cover
  • Operation temperature
  • -20°C – +70°C standard version
  • -40°C – +70°C low temperature version
  • Power supply voltage 8–36 V
  • Voltage drops shorter than 50 ms do not affect operation

InteliLiteNT AMF 9i – AMF CONTROLLER – Tailored for India Now with: Power monitoring kW, kWh, PF, k VA r, k VA RPM sensing

AMF 9i SUPPORTS - ANSI CODES:ANSI code rotection

59 Overvoltage 27 Undervoltage

81H Overfrequency 81L Underfrequency

50 + 51 Overcurrent* 47 Phase rotation**

71 Gas (Fuel) level 32 Overload

AMF 9i supports J1939 for all major brands:

• Caterpillar • Cummins • Detroit Diesel • Deutz • GM • Isuzu • Iveco • John Deere • MAN • MTU • Perkins • Scania • Sisu • VM Motori • Volvo Penta and others

InteliLite NT AMF 25 – Automatic Mains Failure Controller (Engine + AMF Controller)


Support of engines equipped with Electronic Control Unit (J1939 interface)
Comprehensive diagnostic messages; SPN/FMI codes; KWP2000 support
Automatic or manual start/stop of the gen-set
Push buttons for simple control, lamp test
Graphic back-lit LCD display 128x64 pixels
6 LED indicators
Parameters adjustable via keyboard or PC
Mains measurements (50/60 Hz): U1-U3, Hz
Generator measurements (50/60 Hz): U1-U3, I1-I3, Hz, kW, kVAr, kWh
Selectable protections alarm/ shutdown
3 phase Generator protections
- Over-/under voltage
- Over-/under frequency
- Current/voltage asymmetry
- Overcurrent/overload
3 phase AMF function
- Over-/under frequency
- Over-/under voltage
- Voltage asymmetry
Configurable analog inputs
Battery voltage, engine speed (pick-up) measurement
Configurable programmable binary inputs and outputs
Warm-up and cooling functions
Generator C.B. and Mains C.B. control with feedback and return timer
RS232 interface (AT-LINK CONV cable is necessary for IL-AMF 20)
Modem communication support (IL-AMF 25 only)
Dimensions 180x120 mm (front panel)
Sealed to IP65

InteliNano AMF Controller


MainsPro is a protection relay for mains-to-parallel applications, including generator sets, cogeneration, micro turbines or renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic plants or wind turbines. It provides adjustable voltage, frequency and loss of mains protections to safeguard both the distribution network and the generators.

MainsPro complies with IEC 60255, G83, G59/2, UL508, CEI 0-21, IEn NR 005/2012 and VDE V 0126-1-1

  • Flexible supply voltage and measurement range
  • Suitable for standard DIN rail installation or door-mount (optional)
  • Friendly interface with easy setting (no SW tools needed)
  • Simple wiring with detachable connectors
  • Remote binary communication
  • Compact design allows intallation into restricted spaces
  • Lost of Mains function, History track function (Last 5 events history log)
  • Integrated mechanical lock to secure your setting
  • Breaker failure protection
  • Watchdog relay output
  • Increased resolution of frequency protection setting
  • Resistance to frequency jumps
  • For more technical details, kindly see the datasheet
  • MainsPro is a 100% replacement for the successful product NPU-FUV.

  • InteliDrive Fire Pump Controller

  • Engine control, monitoring and protection
  • Support of engines equipped with Electronic Control Unit (ECU) – J1939 or Cummins Modbus interface
  • 7 configurable binary inputs and outputs
  • 3 configurable analog inputs + 2 analog inputs of battery voltage measurement
  • VDO type analog gauges outputs – 8 configurable channels
  • Selectable protections alarm/shutdown
  • Setpoints adjustable via keyboard or PC
  • 1 level of password protection
  • USB, RS485 or RS232/Modem/Modbus communication
  • Real time clock and event history log
  • Engine speed control by 3 predefined binary inputs, Speed Up/Down binary inputs or one analog input
  • Analog oil pressure, water temperature, fuel level, battery voltage, engine speed (pick-up)
  • Automatic or manual start/stop of the engine
  • Automatic starting sequence based on two batteries according to NFPA 20 standard
  • Push buttons for simple control, lamp test
  • Graphic back-lit LCD display 128 × 64 pixels
  • 6 LED indicators (Alarm, Warning, Not Ready, Running, Battery A, Battery B)
  • Front panel sealed to IP65
  • Power supply 8–36 VDC
  • Operating temperature:
    • -20°C to +70 °C regular unit
    • -40°C to +70 °C low temperature unit
  • InteliDrive FPC controller meets several standards (EN, UL, CSA, NFPA)
  • Bernini – AMF Controllers (BE 142 alternate for BE21 & BE42)

    GAC (Governor America Corporation) – Electronic Governing Systems

    For more details, please visit: http://www.governors-america.com/


    GAC is a leading supplier of Electronic governors for worldwide engines. GAC governors are suitable for Diesel & Gas engines in the power range of 5 hp to 1700 hp. Major Engine Manufactures in India viz. Kirloskar, Cummins, Greaves use GAC governors. GAC governors are well proven for harsh Indian atmospheric conditions. Madhura is Exclusive distributor for Governors America Corporation (GAC), USA for India.

    Electronic Speed Governor for diesel & gas engines

    Major Features
  • Great flexibility to match Dynamics of a wide range of engine applications.
  • Independent GAIN & STABILITY adjustments.
  • Closed PID Loop. EMC compliance.
  • Starting fuel limiting and speed ramping to limit Exhaust smoke during start-up.
  • Analogue & Digital option.
  • Versatile modes - Isochroous, Droop, Single, Parallel.
  • Over speed protection and Crank termination.
  • Very fast acting electronics to provide optimum performance (30 to 75 ms response time).
  • High performance, Rugged, Precise control
  • Option of Pump mounted actuators and external actuators available
  • Recognitions CE, UL, CSA, NFPA, Military & marine
  • Applications
  • Generating set - fixed speed & variable speed
  • Pumps, compressor
  • Marine propulsion
  • Locomotive
  • OFF Highway vehicles
  • Electronic Throttle Controls for Diesel, CNG, Electric & Hybrid Vehicles

    Electronic Throttle Controls for Diesel, CNG, Electric & Hybrid Vehicles

    Description :

    MCS - Belgium make Electronic Throttle Controls for ON-Road & OFF-Road vehicles viz Buses, Trucks, Vans, Excavators, Dumpers, Cranes, Backhoe Loader etc. The products offered are with latest technology viz. Hall Effect Sensor, Programmability, CAN BUS & Redundant controls. Products are compact in size and main parts are made in die cast Aluminum or injected polyamide. MCS products are universally tested & used. All products are made in Belgium and USA plant.

    Major Features

  • No moving parts hence less wear & Tear
  • Less maintenance, Precise speed variation/control
  • Operating parameter monitoring through CANBUS
  • Smooth operation of vehicles/equipments

  • BMR – Power Factor Correction Solutions

    For more details, please visit http://www.bmr-trading.com/

    Linz Italy – Generator Alternators 1500 RPM / 3000 RPM – 1 Phase or 3 Phase

    For more details, please visit http://www.linzelectric.com/index.cfm?lang=en

    Gill Ignition – CNG conversion kits for Heavy Diesel Engines

    Description :

    GILL instruments U.K. is a leading manufacturer for distributor less ignition system. GILL introduces Latest inductive ignition technology which provides powerful spark with long duration, enabling complete combustion of low calorific value fuels as well as lean air/fuel mixtures. Complete Ignition system including Igniter, HT Coils, Sensor, Timing disk and wiring harness is available.

    For more details, please visit http://www.gillinstruments.com/

    Fozmula – Sensors & Switches for Engine

    Fozmula – Sensors & Switches for Engine

    Fuel sensors, Temperature sensors & Pressure sensors for Engines
    For more details, Please visit www.fozmula.com

    Hydraulic Engine Starting systems
    Hydraulic Engine Starting systems

    Description :

    Hydraulic Engine starting system manufactured by Kocsis Technologies (USA) is a reliable option to conventional engine starting, where batteries can not be maintained due to low temperature or where electric starting is not permitted in Hazardous area. Typical Applications are Oil platforms, Ships, Mining and Sub-Zero climatic sites. The system consists of Cranking Motor, Reservoir, Control Value, Accumulator, Hydraulic pump, Hand Pump & Filters. Hydraulic Engine Starting system Major Features

  • Fast and guaranteed cranking even at -40 Deg temp.
  • Self energizing type.
  • Option of Engine or Motor driven pump in addition to Hand pump.
  • Quick acceleration and high torque output
  • Available in Manual and Fully automatic type
  • Suitable for all engines upto 2000 HP
  • TM4 - Electronic drive train

    TM4 - Electronic drive train

    For more details, please visit www.tm4.com