Industrial Automation & Mechatronics Wing:

Brands we deal:

  1. Parker - Electromechanical & Pneumatics division
  2. Allen Bradley - PLC
  3. Micro Logix & SLC PLC
  4. Compact Logix PLC
  5. Mitsubishi - PLC
  6. Autonics – Sensors, Encoders & Transducers
  7. Schneider – Switchgear & MS Powder coated Panels

Parker Electro Mechanical Solutions: The Global Leader in Motion and Control Technologies

PARKER products Over View:

650G, 690P Series AC DRIVES: 0.75 KW to 2000KW AC INVERTER DRIVES for any normal & special purpose applications. 590+ Series DC Drives: 3 Phase Regen / Non Regen, 690VAC,500VAC, 230VAC, 15-2700 Amps, with dual encoder inputs

Servo Drives:

Upto 155 Amp nominal current

Torque Motors:

Ranging from 580 – 20000Nm

AC Servo motors:

From 0.9 Nm to 320Nm with modular type with Resolver /encoder feedback

Stepper Drives, Direct Drives Ball Screw, Lead Screw, Linear Servo Motors, Actuators, Precision Grade Gear Heads Gantry and Cartesian robots

Touch Screens (3”, 6”, 8” 10” and 15”), Industrial PC, PC Based Machine Control, Window and Dedicated HMI Series of web enabled graphic operator interface station poised to revolutionize machine control

Communication Links:

Profibus , Firewire, Ethernet , Hida

Servo Drives – Motors – Planetary Gear Boxes

Servo Drives:

Drive/Controller Application Complexity Communications Feedback Type Input Power
ViX Servo Drive/Controller Compax3 Servo Drive/Controller Moderate RS232/RS485 & CANopen Encoder or Resolver 24-48 VDC, 48-80 VDC
Compax3 Servo Drive/Controller High RS232, RS485, Profibus DP & CANopen Resolver, SinCos Absolute & Encoder 120, 240, 480 VAC
Aries Controller High Ethernet 100 BaseT Encoder, Smart Encoder, EnDat Absolute Encoder 120/240 VAC
Compax3M Servo Drive/Controller High RS232, RS485, Profibus DP and CANopen Resolver, SinCos Absolute and Encoder Common DC Bus
TPD-M High CANopen EtherCat Hiperface DSL interface Common DC Bus

Compax 3 Servo Drive & Controller

  • Direct mains operation for global voltages
  • Very modular design for the implementation of individual requirements
  • Conforms with international and US standards – CE, UL, cUL
  • Certified safety technology integrated to the drive (EN954-1 Cat. 3)
    • lower development and wiring overhead, safe stop, restart protection
  • Integrated AC mains filters
    • EMC Class A compliance for cables up to 10m
  • IEC61131-3: International standardized programming languages
    • Program may be written in easy-to-reuse self-contained modules
    • Multiple languages cover all major controller programming methodologies
    • currently in use for unprecedented application flexibility
  • PLCopen function modules
  • Can be configured into a multi-axis version
  • One tool for all: “Compax3 ServoManager”
    • Commissioning, configuration and setup, motor control, programming,
    • tuning and maintenance
    • Integrated 4-channel oscilloscope for signal analysis and export
  • CoDeSys – IEC development environment contained within ServoManager
    • World-wide leader in IEC software
    • Used by many leading manufactures
  • Jerk-limited set point generation (s-curve acceleration)
    • Guarantees a longer service life of the mechanical components
  • Automatic determination of the load moment of inertia, motor ratings and of the motor position feedback
    • Fast, easy setup of motor
  • Standard Features:

  • Power range of 1 kW to 75 kW
  • 8 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs
  • RS232 / RS484 interfaces
  • 2 analog inputs (+/- 10V, 14 bits)
  • 2 analog outputs (+/- 10V, 8 bits)
  • Encoder input or output
  • Extensions:

  • Real-time bus for axis coupling
  • Scalable technology and control functions
  • Integrated or external controls: C3 powerPLmC for combined machine
  • logic and motion control functionality

  • Triple Axis Drive System:

  • New feedback: Hiperface DSL interface ® Reduced cabling; only one cable connection between drive & motor
  • Fieldbus: CANopen - standard, EtherCAT – option
  • Fewer communication interconnections between devices
  • Centralized filtration and braking resistance

  • Programmable Automation Controllers:

  • Jerk-limited set point generation (s-curve acceleration)
    • Guarantees a longer service life of the mechanical components

xpress pac

Specialty Servo Motors:

  • ATEX EX Explosion / flame proof series
  • Motor Net DC
  • DX series servo wheel
  • NK/NW kit servo motor
  • Frameless kit servo motor

Windows HMI, InteractX SCADA & Industrial PC

IPC/X Power Station

  • Celeron M 550 at 2.0 GHz or Core2Duo T7500 at 2.2 GHz
  • 2 or 4 GB memory
  • Intel Express graphics
  • 80 GB SSD / 160 GB HDD
  • 4 USB 2.0 ports, (2) RS-232, (1) RS-232/422/485, 2 1000 BaseT Ethernet ports
  • HD audio
  • All models are NEMA rated
  • All Power Stations now come with an industry-leading, 24-month warranty!
  • With/Without Preloaded SCADA Software – IntractX

Interact X SCADA Software

  • Most Advanced Graphics Of Any HMI Software
  • Real Time Historical Trending
  • Integration and interoperability with the Parker Factory Display
  • Import capability for ACR-View and Interact Xpress tag files
  • New and updated Drivers and tools
  • Integration and interoperability with Interact Xpress Data transfer
  • Development Environment improvements to expedite project creation
  • New functions for String manipulation
  • Advanced Interface Design Reduces Development Time
  • Full-Featured Machine / Supervisory HMI Functionality
  • Bundled Communication Tools and Drivers
  • Integrated VBA and ActiveX Tools For Easy Customization
  • Database Logging to SQL, Oracle, Access or any ODBC
  • Easy Navigation Creation
  • Gated Data Transfer Capabilities
  • Tag Sharing with Interact Xpress
  • Ready to Go “Out of the Box” – Bundled Solution From One Source
  • Project Management Tools Simplify Factory and Field Support


Parker Factory Display

  • Wide Screen for Greater Visibility (1366 X 768)
  • 16.7 Million Colors – 32”, 40” and 46” Display Sizes
  • Web Publishing Capability
  • Intelligent Real Time Monitoring and display of critical performance metrics
  • Independent Intelligence & Data collection Capability
  • Thermal Sensors and Fans RTC with Scheduling feature for Power
  • Agencies: CE, UL, FCC

Peripheral Modules for Distributed Automation:

Belt Driven Actuators:

Ball Screw Actuators:

Electric Cylinders:

Linear Servo Motors:

Power Rod Actuators:

Miniature Positioners:

Rotary Servo Motors:

R Series Direct Rotary Positioners:

Torque Servo Motors:

Spindle Servo Motors:

Gear Heads (Planetary):

Robot Systems:

Truly Integrated Machine control solutions 1 to 3 Axis Applications:

Parker Electro Mechanical Portfolio:

Electro mechanical Applications: